The powerful 3D scan-to-inspect software

Geomagic Control X is developed to automate 3D scan-to-inspect process  for quick reliable results. Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful inspection tools within straightforward workflows.

Control X Key Features

CAD-aware dimensioning and automated inspection

  • Taking Advantage of CAD-Aware Dimensioning in Geomagic Control X to automate inspections of multiple quantities of the same part

Custom reporting delivers flexibility

  • Report definition in Geomagic Control X is highly flexible, making customized result communication fast and simple for each stakeholder

Workflow-driven processes for greater productivity

  • Delivers easy-to-use and understandable workflows that enable walk-up probing alongside pre-planned probing for fast generation of results every time
  • All CAD importers are delivered at no additional cost

Scan processing automation

  • Scan registration, merging, clean-up, alignment and other pre-inspection processes can now be designed and automated



Geomagic Control X new features

Geomagic Control X

Conducting repeatable inspection using template

OR3D shares their experiences with the new Control X

Videos courtesy of 3D Systems Inc


Geomagic Control X 2018 New Features (PDF)

Geomagic Control X System Requirements (JPG)

Geomagic Control X Training (Link)

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