Autodesk® PowerMill Robot provides powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tools for off-line programming of robots, simplifying the optimization of robotic paths and simulating virtual mock-ups of complete manufacturing cells and systems.


PowerMill Robot Features


Machine complex parts easily – program robots holding spindles for tool-to-part applications.

Eliminate lengthy ‘teach and learn’ methods – reduce production time by creating robot NC programs, including toolpath link and tool change simulation.

Total flexibility for greater productivity – increase the working area of robots by using external axes, such as linear tracks and rotary tables.

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Save your favorite robot configurations – achieve consistent results every time using PowerMill Robot’s cell configurator.

Output directly to a robot’s native language – no need for programming code to go through a third party translator.

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Identify potential problems from the outset – display the robot’s working envelope to optimize the part position and view the maximum range of movements required of each axis.

Optimize machine performance – advanced point-based graphs display axis limits, wrist singularity and axis reversal to eliminate over‐machining.

Error-free machining – save your preferred robot cell configuration, including axis limits, tool constraints and home position.

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Robotic Manufacturing Applications

Sculpting Stone and Wood

Transform your robot into a powerful sculptor’s tool, using toolpaths to create large, complex stone and wood sculptures.

Autodesk PowerMill has made it possible for Atelier Lithias to sculpt the stunning “Gaston” dog from Tunisian marble.

(video 0:36 min)

Machining Foam and Resin

If you use robots to machine statues or carvings from foam or resin, then PowerMill Robot can help you achieve superior quality finish and significantly reduce programming time.

Garner Holt, the world’s largest manufacturer of animatronics and special effects for the theme park industry, previously used to sculpt by hand. PowerMill Robot has enabled them to machine and cut foam faster, and with greater precision.

(video 3:00 min)

Laser Cladding

Repair worn or damaged surfaces through laser cladding, and use it to modify the surface of a part for improved performance, or wear resistance.

See how Airbus and Messier-Dowty use laser cladding to create complex parts faster than using conventional techniques.

(video 2:48 min)

PowerMill Robot Benefits

Streamline programming

Programming, analysis, simulation and post-processing all within a single environment

Save production time & costs

Program and machine complex parts in a single setup to significantly reduce production costs and save time

Program easily

Program robots as easily as you can program a 5-axis NC machine

Improve machining quality

Adjust the tool axis settings for individual areas of the toolpath to improve overall quality and allow the machine to run smoothly


PowerMill Robot Brochure (PDF)

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