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A collaborative platform for you and your team to access, view, comment on, and process 3D scan data directly from any browser.


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Create and organize projects

Get organized as you view detailed info on scan data, create and arrange projects in your workspace, and easily access the processing features you need most.

Real time communication

Get connected and view your work online immediately, and leave comments while giving or receiving feedback – all in real time.

Train your team

Get involved with easy collaboration between 3D scanning service providers and clients. Train a team or a classroom – or view models and process data – while working on your own screen but keeping all data in one place.

Highlight specific areas

Get specific as you zoom in to the exact part of a project or scan data you need to highlight, and leave comments for your team to see and act on.

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What is Artec Cloud? A new way to work.

Here’s your answer to 3D scan data viewing, collaboration, and processing right on your browser. Whether you’re scanning out in the field and require quick responses, or are working with teams based in different locations, Artec Cloud makes your data accessible and downloadable to you, your colleagues or your clients, wherever they are.

Operating as a server that allows you and your team to upload, download, import, export, view, comment on, share, and process 3D scan data, Artec Cloud is an easy-to-use and real time collaborative platform that brings more flexibility to your 3D data workflow.

What are its benefits?

Collaborate smarter and start processing right away with instant data uploads and immediate browser access.

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Additional Benefits


Being able to share your data and models with your team directly, your workflow gets that much more efficient. Your colleagues or your clients will be able to actively contribute to the process by viewing, commenting on, and processing your captured 3D scan data. They’ll also be able to submit requests and share comments, and you’ll be able to produce the results, saving you time and resources while cutting out additional trips to the site of your scanning.


Gone are the days when your workflow of scanning, processing, and discussing the results with your team could only be done separately, or with lengthy delays due to the transfer time required when sending large files. With Artec Cloud, you’re able to scan an object or an environment with any Artec 3D handheld scanner and upload your data right away. Here, the next stage starts as your clients instantly access your work right from their browsers – and so begins the collaboration.

Process projects simultaneously

With Artec Cloud, save time as you process numerous projects at the same time. With your CPU, GPU, and memory left unoccupied, you’re free to work on other tasks as Artec Cloud does all the hard work – or just come back to find your projects processed, and ready to go.

Easily integrated

Artec Cloud gets along easily with Artec Studio 16, or it can be used as a standalone. This platform allows you to either simplify and expedite your work process and collaborative efforts for larger projects, or redefine it completely for smaller tasks.


Your data is now available faster, too. In Artec Cloud, data is presented in a new, cleaner look. Any noise captured is smoother, which immediately gives you a better understanding of the scan quality. This is all due to the use of surfels – or surface elements – an alternative to polygonal modeling.

Surfels increase the speed at which data is loaded, so even when you’re working on the web with your projects stored on a server, your data is within moments available for you to view, work on, and process.

Artec Cloud. It is all about teamwork.

Artec Cloud is a collaborative platform that allows you and your team to access and work on your 3D scan data from wherever you are – directly from your browser. You’re now able to view, comment on and export scans, organize your stored projects, or make full use of what cloud can offer by processing your 3D scan data using your most frequently used tools in Artec Studio. Whether you’re in the office or on the road, collaboration is now all yours to make use of. Artec Cloud: It’s all about teamwork.


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