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The Solutionix D500 and D700 scanners are optimal for scanning small-sized objects at high precision, high resolution and high speed. The D500 captures excellent data quality at rapid speed using dual 2.0 megapixels cameras with blue LED projections. The D700 uses dual 6.4 megapixels cameras for cases where very small fine details and thin sharp edges are required to be measured precisely. Both give an automated and enjoyable 3D scanning experience for new users. Advanced users can look forward to custom scanner integration into automation system using the scanner API. The D-series scanners provide a high value for your investment into 3D scanning.


D500 and D700 features absolute high accuracy up to +/-10 microns according to German Standard VDI/VDE 2634, and point resolution ranging from 0.056mm to 0.029mm. This compact desktop scanner occupies only a small footprint on the desk, and the entire scanner system connects to a computer using only one USB 3.0 cable!


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Solutionix D500, D700 Overview

Solutionix D-Series Key Features

Automatic Scanning and Active Synchronization

A single mouse click starts automated full 360 degrees scan of object, based on easily customized scan paths. Another click actively synchronizes the model and camera views, quickly adding more scan where it is needed.  Scanning is done very easily and quickly.

Quality Rapid 3D Scanning

The Solutionix D-series was created to scan small models in a completely automated way. The technical specifications of the D500 and D700 scanners are calculated to meet the high level of detail required by both industrial and non-industrial applications such as jewelry, cultural artifacts and design.

2-Axis Automatic Turntable, No Targets Needed

D-Series features 2-Axis automatic turntable. There is no need for targets or manual registration. Automatic and accurate scan-to-scan alignments are made possible through pre-calculation of axis information during axis calibration.

Generate Scan Path Easily

Depending upon the complexity of the scan object, it may require a different scanning path. Flexibility of the scanning path generation makes it easy for users to make their own scanning paths, allowing repeated data collection on various object sizes and shapes.

Precise, Flexible and Speedy

Color Texture Mapping

D-Series has added ability to capture high-resolution color information, making it easy to utilize textured scans in 3D printing, CG, and web-based real 3D data fields. The latest technology captures vivid color texture in scan data without the need for additional color camera.

Automatic Calibration

After calibration panel is attached, you click the calibration wizard that will guide you through an automated calibration process. Now you will experience a genuinely user-friendly system and a fully automated procedure at extreme convenience.

Easy-to-Use Scan Software

ezScan software provides easy 3-step process, ‘Scan’, ‘Align’, and ‘Merge’. Many intuitive options have been added that even beginners to 3D scanning can use it easily. Additionally, ezScan 2017 has enhanced data editing and processing functionalities.

API for Automation Process

Users can use Solutionix API to control C500 and process its scan data, with flexibility to create their own scan automation programs for various industrial processes and software plug-in. The scanner head can be used by itself in application fields such as attachment to robot arm or other CNC devices.

Additional Benefits

Special price for 3D software bundle

When purchasing D500 and D700 scanner, enjoy special bundle discount for 3D design and 3D inspection software from Autodesk Manufacturing Solution, 3D System Geomagic and EGS Leios. Contact us to find out more.

Special offer for schools and universities

Education institutes are entitled to purchase Solutionix scanners at special EDU discount, for research and classroom use. Contact us to find out more.


Applications for D-Series Scanner

Quality Inspection

Get digital 3D model of manufactured part and compare with the nominal CAD model. The color-chart deviation report highlights production issues clearly.


  • Manufacturing process correction
  • Turbine blade inspection

Engineering Analysis

Use 3D scan of objects for computational structure analysis or fluid dynamics simulations to optimize design performance and investigate design issues.


  • Finite element analysis (FEA)
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD)

Reverse Engineering

From the 3D scan of an object, recreate the original 3D CAD model according to original designer intent.


  • 3D Modeling
  • Design modifications
  • Tooling design
  • Fixture design

Scan to 3D Printing

3D scan an object in high details and replicate with 3D printing in various materials.


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Archaeology

Case Studies

Inspection Automation at GKN Driveline Legazpi (Video)

The project addressed existing inspection challenges with the implementation of custom inspection software and two Solutionix scanners on the production floor. The inspection software was specially designed to automate and simplify the interaction with the plan worker, who is not a specialist in metrology, and to allow remote monitoring. Solutionix scanners capture more than 2 million points and reduced inspection time from 17 minutes per workpiece to 3.5 minutes!
Video (0:55 min.)

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Video courtesy of Medit Corp.

About Medit Corp.

Founded in year 2000, Medit Corp. is a fast growing company in the 3D scanning industry, selling scanners in over 50 countries. Medit is known for its precise 3D scanners for dental markets and easy-to-use Solutionix industrial 3D scanners.

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Since year 2000, Medit has worked to improve and revolutionize 3D imaging technology for the industrial and dental fields. We strive to create the highest quality products for our customers while working to bring down cost. As a result, we have produced some of the most advanced and affordable 3D scanners on the market.

As we move into the future, our hope is to develop exciting new industry-leading products that simplify and ease our customers’ workflows with the goal of mutual, ongoing success. We will continuously create and innovate until we become the world’s No. 1 provider of 3D measurement and dental CAD/CAM solutions.


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