High accuracy long-range laser 3D scanner

Artec Ray has the fastest and most accurate long-range 3D scanning capability using laser technology, for precise capture of large objects such as wind turbines, ship pipelines, airplanes and buildings. With submillimeter distance precision and best in class angular accuracy, data capture is noticeably cleaner than that from other 3D laser scanners, resulting in absolute minimal noise levels. This speeds up post-processing significantly, making scanning huge object a much smoother process. With Artec Ray, you can now simplify scanning of big objects and structures up to 110m away.


Tags: Laser 3D scanner / Long range / Tripod mounted / Portable / Colour capture / Large object scanning / Battery operated

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Convenient 3D scanning

Being lightweight and user-friendly, Artec Ray is designed to ensure you get the most out of this powerful long range 3D laser scanner, whether it is getting the 3D measurements for quality control of a large industrial object or creating an accurate 3D model for heritage preservation. With no need for any lengthy preparations, you can 3D scan almost anything by simply mounting your Artec Ray on a tripod in front of your object and pressing a button!


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Artec Ray Key Features

Submilimeter precision

Artec Ray is an ultra-high precision, fast laser 3D scanner with sub-millimeter precision to ensure you capture every detail. Achieve long scanning range up to 110 m away with this professional LIDAR solution.

Cleanest 3D data

The Artec Ray captures the cleanest 3D data and enables minimum post-processing time, making the most out of your 3D scanning experience.

Convenient 3D data capture

Adjustable, large field-of-view per scan of 360° Horizontal and 270° Vertical provides convenient 3D data capture.

The internal 2 x 2 hour battery and under 5kg scanner weight makes for a portable scanner system that operates conveniently out in the field.

Advanced software compatibility

3D scan and process data directly in the powerful Artec Studio software with a wide range of editing tools available, then seamlessly export to Geomagic Design X or other industrial 3D software to further the job.

Applications for Artec 3D Scanners

Industrial design and manufacturing

  • Product design
  • Quality control
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Aerospace

Reverse engineering

  • Clearance checking
  • Digital records
  • Product customisation
  • Tooling design

Science and education

  • Research
  • Training
  • Online museums
  • Forensic

Art and design

  • Heritage preservation
  • Architecture
  • CGI
  • Fashion


Additional Benefits

Special price for 3D software bundle

When purchasing Artec 3D scanner, enjoy special discount for 3D design and inspection software from Autodesk Manufacturing Solution, 3D System Geomagic and EGS Leios

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Attractive offer for schools and universities

Education institutes are entitled to purchase Artec Ray at special EDU pricing, which includes free 20 licenses of Artec Studio 3D software, and 2 years software upgrades

Case Studies

3D scanning an airplane in aviation museum

This Klemm L25d VIIR LX-MA airplane is an exhibit at the Aviation Museum in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxeumbourg. The 7.5m long, 12.9m wide airplane is hung from the ceiling of the tall museum building and is an insurmountable challenge for a short-range scanner, but not for Artec Ray, which can scan an object from up to 110m away!

Artec Ray was place in 26 different positions around the airplane to make a complete 3D model. It was not exactly easy to scan this plane, since the view was partially obstructed by some of the other exhibits on show. Due to the challenging scanning conditions, it took a whole day to scan the airplane and 3 three full-charge batteries were used. Despite all these difficulties, Artec Ray was able to make a high quality 3D model of this plane!

Artec Ray Technical Details

Range Up to 110m
Ranging error <0.7 mm @ 15m
Angular accuracy 25 arcseconds
Range noise, 90% reflectivity 0.12 mm @ 15m
Range noise, 10% reflectivity 0.30 mm @ 15m
Color Two fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras
Weight Under 5 kg


Ray Brochure (PDF)

Ray System Requirements (JPG)